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Authentic Communication
Your company is always in a relationship with the public - and thus in a constant interplay between internal processes and public perception. This is exactly where we work together to bring these two worlds into harmony.
If the internal communication is consistent, the external becomes a success.
Cross-border PR
Digitalisation has increased the possibilities of communication to the infinite. Entrepreneurs increasingly think and work in European and international contexts. In our interaction, you benefit from a communication concept that transcends borders, so that your messages are successfully positioned in the European network and competition.
Reach for the stars!
Focus on essentials
In times of information overkill, your communication needs more than ever a clear direction. It is important to always look at your messages through the eyes of your customers. Over-stimulation dulls the attention, too much information is blocked out. We work your core messages out exactly, grind your USP like a diamond and communicate only the essentials.
Dare to minimize!
I support you in particular in the communication of complex, sensitive or critical topics. Benefit from a unique agency portfolio in the fields of PR, journalism, advertising, advertising psychology, diversity and film.
Intern & Extern
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Konzept, Regie
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